Franchise – how does it work and where do you get start capital?

Are you thinking about starting your own business, but you don’t know where to start? Are you afraid that the idea will not be accepted and it will be hard to break through the competition? And what if you can open a business that will be very well recognizable from the very beginning, enjoy a great reputation and attract many customers? All you have to do is decide on a franchise.

Franchise – what is it?

Franchise - what is it?

Franchise is a form of business that involves the cooperation of two entrepreneurs – a franchisor and a franchisee. The first of them has a well-functioning, recognized company with a tested business model and gives the second entrepreneur the necessary knowledge, technology and, above all, the right to operate under his brand in exchange for a specific remuneration (share in profits).

Franchise, i.e. a business manual

Franchise, i.e. a business manual

Importantly, the franchisor does not only sell the right to use the network logo or trademark. Behind the franchise lies the transfer of the entire business system. The franchisee can count on systematic and comprehensive care of the other party to the contract, including training for the entire crew, support in promotional campaigns or know-how specific to a given business. In this case, the risk associated with running your own business is definitely smaller than in the case of starting a business under your own name.

Franchise – basic principles

Franchise - basic principles

  • The franchisor is the owner of the franchise trademark and brand.
  • The franchisor tested his business and showed its profitability.
  • The franchisee conducts business activity on its own – his profit is profit from activity.
  • A significant part of the investments related to the opening of the point and the purchase of goods lies with the franchisee.
  • The owner of the property that is at the point is the franchisee.
  • The franchisor is required to provide the franchisee with all the knowledge on how to run a given business.
  • The franchisee pays for the franchise license and the monthly franchise fee.
  • The franchisee determines the prices of products or services on its own.

Franchise – how much does it cost?

Franchise - how much does it cost?

There are over 1,000 franchise concepts available on the Polish market, which require investing from several thousand (e.g. small catering outlets or banking outlets) to even several million zlotys (e.g. in the case of gas stations or supermarkets). An entrepreneur who has capital in the amount of PLN 100,000 can already select available offers.

Franchise – where to get money to start?

Franchise - where to get money to start?

A startup entrepreneur who has opted for a franchise may need an injection of money to start a new business. One of the possibilities to raise capital for this purpose is a loan to launch Supra Cass Company. This is an investment loan that gives you the opportunity to get up to PLN 2 million. To obtain it, you only need security in the form of any real estate – an apartment, a house or a plot, and you complete a minimum of formalities. Ask us for details by clicking here.